The Nine Values of Dr. Paparao

The company closely follows the values of its Chairman and Founder, Dr. Meka Vijay Paparao.

1. Honesty & Trust

The fundamentals of the organisation are built on Trust and Honesty. The individual represents the organisation. Dr. Paparao’s word is his bond. Therefore the word given by you should be binding and unshakeable. So give your word carefully as it is your bond and that of the Meka Group and Dr. Paparao. The bond of Honesty and Trust.

2. Attention to Detail

There can never be enough attention given to detail. That is what sets one different from the rest. So pay attention to every detail especially in safety – where that 1 in a million chance of something going wrong – see that it can never go wrong, as whatever can go wrong – will. Whatever can be improved by your attention to those finer details – put the effort and make that difference.

3. Respect for people

Respect for people is a core philosophy. It is part of not just the Meka group culture but Indian culture. It is of no matter that the person is in a position of power, or no longer in it, if they are too old or too young, if they are rich or not well to do. One should respect a person, and care as if they are his own, especially with respect to safety and care.

4. Walk the Talk

As they say, Talk is cheap. Anyone can talk. Those that walk the talk are the ones that find themselves in the company of the great. Do what you say you will do, else don’t say it. Walk the Talk.

5. Innovation AND Execution.

Ideas are the core to any great beginning. But it is not ideas alone. It is execution of these ideas that unlocks the value of an idea. Therefore always see if an idea can be executed before embarking on the journey.

6. Teamwork

There is no I in Team. The Meka Group believes in creating strong teams of 3-4 members who work together. It is this teamwork that creates incredible success for the organisation. So find your team and work as a family – in adversity and glory.

7. Modesty and Humility

Like several great men, including Abraham Lincoln, Humility is the essential trait required in those that look for greatness. Because no matter how high you soar, your feet need to be firmly on the ground that made you.

Mahatma Gandhi: It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.

Confucius: Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.

8. To question

Never take an answer at face value. Learn to Question. It is in that questioning, that you will find the truth. So go ahead with those questions that you felt was too stupid to ask, go into depth and pull the answers out of whoever it needs to come from. Then you will be enlightened with the knowledge and empowered to succeed.

9. Make a difference. Meka Difference.

The Meka Group is a business. But its a business which is different. Looking to adding value in the lives of our clients, in the lives of people and making a difference in the world, step by step. If you want to make a difference, then the Meka Group is where that journey is never ending as we always strive for perfection, to excel and succeed, making friends, bringing happiness and joy and making a difference. Meka Difference.

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