Amma Lines - Marine Infrastructure

innovative solutions & services for the marine infrastructure sector

Wide range of innovative solutions & services for the marine infrastructure sector

Amma Lines - Services for the Marine Infrastructure Sector

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions & services for the marine infrastructure sector

Breakwater Construction
With a 40 year old legacy in breakwater construction, we have built most of India’s major breakwaters including the longest – Tuticorin Port breakwaters.

Piling is everywhere. From land to sea, the foundations of piles are the start of every project.

Sheet Piling
The future technology of Sheet piling is one of our big strengths. It is an earth retention and excavation support technique that retains soil, using steel sheet sections with interlocking edges. It’s use can vary from excavation sites to pipeline trences to seawall alignment and more.

Pile Jetties
Pile Jetties serve several marine needs – from LNG jetties to Container berths. The multi-use advantages it brings make it the go-to technology for most marine construction projects.

Block Jetties
The cost effectiveness, strength and construction speed of Block jetties make it the best solution for many industries, from shipyards to fishing harbours. The strength and versatility of its use along with its long term maintenance free nature gives it a thumbs up by several clients.

RO-RO Jetties
With marine cargo being more versatile, and its requirement anywhere, RO-RO (Roll on – Roll Off) jetties are used for everything from buses and cars to ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) packages.

Cofferdam Construction
Cofferdams are generally used as vital temporary worksm, to protect construction work and equipments.

Caisson Construction
A Caisson is a large watertight retaining structure used in marine works, from foundation work to bridge piers to port construction to construction of concrete dams and much more.

Well Sinking
Similar to Caissons, Well sinking differs by being open at the bottom. They are used primarily in bridges and pier construction where the soil foundations are deep.

Originally one of our big strengths, our dredging works are now executed by our sister company Meka Dredging. But we still do some small part as part of our main works.

Soil Improvement
Soil improvement covers so many areas and we use various innovations to improve soil both on land and underwater.

Technical Services & Solutions
With so much engineering and innovation talent, understanding and experience of marine and hydraulic environment,  as well as soft skills in getting support and permissions, we also offer our services in technical design and consulting services for various requirements.