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Meka Infrastructure

Meka Infrastructure was formed to cater to the growing requirement of quality and capable urban infrastructure experts. Starting from marine intake outfall pipelines for desalination plants and power plants, and gaining a strong reputation and brand for executing this specialised field of work, the company has ventured into other urban infra related spaces, from sheet piling, to earthwork and excavation, soil improvement and ground stabilisation, to piling and more recently, Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment and Sewage Treatment plants.


Offering a wide range of specialised infrastructure services, from urban infra to marine infra.

Sheet Piling
Meka Infra is a complete solutions provider for Sheet Piling, the new construction support technology – offering services ranging from execution and design to hire of sheet piles and equipment.

Intake & Outfall Pipeline Systems
Meka Infra are one of the few companies with expertise and experience in Intake & Outfall pipelines, from EPC to Trenching and Laying.

Cofferdam & Caisson Well Construction
One of the interesting and challenging works we do are building launching and installing large civil structures like Cofferdams, Caissons and Intake wells.


What separates us from the rest

Technical Expertise
With almost 40 years background in marine and civil works alongwith our wide expertise in pipelines makes us your Go-To people! Having successfully launched the largest pipe into a trench at the time, its an honour we are proud of and worked hard to achieve.

Tackle Unforeseens
Most projects have various unforeseen situations. Our ability to pull resources such as manpower and equipment from our sister companies at short notice allows us to fix these problems for our client faster and cheaper!

Professional and Responsible
With a professional team with decades of on the ground and on the site experience, you are in capable hands where you can sleep at night while we execute your work as seamlessly as possible.